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Run on the Bank is a game about a wealthy man, Ramblington Babblington, one day while swimming in his vault filled with his money, the vault suddenly exploded; scattering his money everywhere. Babblington is determined to get his money back and run on the bank but he has many terrible foes who will stand in his path. Will you get his money back or will Babblington wind up in the poor house.

How to play:

Use the touch screen joystick to move and use the touch screen buttons to shoot back with your primary weapon or use your alt weapon to pack a punch but watch your ammo and jump to avoid enemies and hazards. From Pop Cork Guns, Friction-less Bowling Balls, and Exploding Rubber Chickens to take down your foes. Get the required quota and survive until you can reach the bank to secure your money, its time to Run on the Bank.

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